Nugent: "The Real Architects Of The Destruction Of Black America Are Democratic Party Members"


In his September 27 Washington Times column, Ted Nugent suggested the Democratic Party was to blame for the "black community" not being "vibrant and strong" and claimed Democrats are "the real architects of the destruction of black America." From the Times:

If Mr. Freeman could further remove his racist blinders and study the historical condition of black America, he would find the black community was vibrant and strong 60 years ago. This is not the case today. Instead of leaping to ugly and unfounded charges of racism, Mr. Freemanshould ask some fundamental questions about what has happened to black America and who is responsible for the destruction.

The real architects of the destruction of black America are Democratic Party members who have lied to and manipulated black Americans into believing that the federal government is the answer to improving their condition when, in reality, it is the destroyer of black America.


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