NRA board member Ted Nugent threatens to wage war against Biden for passing gun safety laws

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent threatened President Joe Biden and other Democrats, telling them to “come and take it” just hours before the House of Representatives passed two gun safety bills. 

In a March 11 Facebook post, Nugent addressed Biden and “all you other oath violating traitors,” writing, “Google my address and itinerary and Come and Take It!” He also proclaimed, “If you want to play Concorde bridge again, you will be the British and I will be the Americans, again.”

Nugent threatens to wage war against Biden over gun safety bills

“Concorde bridge” is an apparent reference to the 1775 battles of Lexington and Concord that started the American Revolutionary War after British troops attempted to seize colonists' arms. 

Nugent’s Facebook post came just hours before the House passed two gun safety bills. One extends federal background check requirements to private gun sales, with some exceptions -- including transfers between family members. The other extends the time the FBI is given to complete a background check from 72 hours to at least 10 days. Currently, if a background check takes longer than 72 hours to complete, it goes through regardless.

Nugent has a long and documented history of making threats. In 2007, he said “piece of shit” former President Barack Obama should “suck on my machine gun.” In 2008, he said on Fox News that he’d like to “shoot” immigrants crossing the border dead. In 2016, Nugent shared a fake video on Facebook of then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton being shot, and he called for her to be hanged the next year.  

Nugent has also made this specific “Concord” threat before during a 2013 interview with, at a hunting trade show where he rhetorically told Obama, “If you want another Concord Bridge, I’ve got some buddies.”