Nugent Blames Liberals, "Political Street-Corner Dope-Pusher" Obama For "Gangland Rioting"

Nugent Blames Liberals, "Political Street-Corner Dope-Pusher" Obama For "Gangland Rioting"


In an August 12 Washington Times column, Ted Nugent accused "boneheaded liberals" and "political-street-corner dope-pusher" Obama for creating "a shattered social system [of] lawlessness and irresponsibility" which led to "gangland rioting." From the Washington Times:

Did you really expect anything different? From London to Philadelphia to Milwaukee, goons are rioting in the streets. And guess what? I don't believe it is the fundamental fault of the goon squads that they're rioting, although there's no excuse for beating people and destroying property.

Societies, especially America's, have created a shattered social system in which lawlessness and irresponsibility are excused by boneheaded liberals because they don't think government has provided enough for these supposedly disadvantaged and downtrodden people.


If the goons had an ounce of brains among them, they would come to the conclusion that the reason they are dumb, unskilled mouth-breathers unprepared for the future is because of bloated, runaway government, not because there has been too little of it or that the rich do not pay enough in taxes.

These idiots are useful political pawns for the very political punks who have manipulated these morons into believing that Uncle Sham is their sugar daddy instead of what Uncle Sham really is - a political-street-corner dope-pusher, a community organizer who has gotten them strung out on the most powerful drug of all: dependency.


Now we are a nation of wussies and stupid goons who have suckled on the teat of Aunt Sugar Momma for so long that many Americans know nothing different. When the teat runs dry, gangland rioting follows. Kicking the habit of dependency is an obviously painful process.


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The Washington Times
Ted Nugent
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