Newsmax guest Ted Nugent: “Anybody that's against Donald Trump, really is against America”

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Citation From the April 16, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

TED NUGENT (GUEST): Obviously Joe has no soul. This guy is just a strange, strange creature. He has abandoned anything that resembles truth, logic, and common sense What we're talking about here, Joe, is that open borders suck, that energy dependency sucks — not to be confused with Donald Trump's energy dominance -- that having a relationship around the world to make sure that wars don't break out that Joe Scarborough predicted Donald Trump would create when in fact, Joe Scarborough's buddy Joe Snake Devil Biden has created the most outrageous war hell in my recent memory. Joe Scarborough is a perfect representative of the liberal left, the Democrats who really believe that men should go into women's locker rooms and that men should go into women's bathrooms. And if a guy pretending to be a girl rapes a student, that the father of the student gets arrested instead of the kid that raped the — this is planet of the cuckoo's nest stuff. And Joe was the perfect representative. But once again, Eric when we spotlight these cockroaches, the citizens of America have to take charge. We have to take this country back. And if we don't vote in the guy that secured the borders, had an energy dominance, lowest crime that we had, the communists around the world under control because they respected a man with authority — that's Donald Trump. And anybody that's against Donald Trump, really is against America.