EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: WND's Corsi Tells "Democrat" Pat Caddell, "I Admire You"

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At CPAC today, Fox News "Democrat" Pat Caddell, along with his Republican colleague at SecureAmericaNow.com, John McLaughlin, was featured in a panel discussion on "Public Attitudes Toward Security."

Caddell, who regularly appears on Fox News as a "Democratic strategist" to accuse the Obama administration of leaning too far to the left, has opposed almost every Democratic and progressive position in recent years. On almost every issue, Caddell's rhetoric matches the rhetoric of conservatives and Republicans.

Shortly after the panel discussion, I approached Caddell to ask about whether he thinks it is fair for Fox to host him as a "Democratic" strategist supposedly giving the Democrat perspective considering that he seems to always agree with Republicans.

"No, I don't always agree with them," he told me. "The answer is they have this model, and I really don't fit the model. I'm still a Democrat." He added: "The answer is, but I don't speak for anyone... but I just talk for my own."

When I pointed out that he urged President Obama not to seek re-election and argued against health care reform Caddell became visibly upset. "No! I'm taking stances -- don't say that!" he said.

"My position on health care is different. My position is to not jam down the throats of the American people, it's a crime against democracy," Caddell said. "I don't know any Republican that talks like that, all they want to talk about is whatever they talk about government takeover talk."

Caddell then went on to say, "They -- my problem is the political class of both parties. So, the fact that I didn't end up in that place on health care doesn't mean I come from where they come from."

While Caddell may not think his positions align with the Republican Party, apparently his work is popular among the far-right fringe.

At the conclusion of our conversation, Caddell was approached by WorldNetDaily's Jerome Corsi, a discredited birther who has appeared on a "pro-White" radio show and promoted lunatic conspiracy theories about global government.

Corsi told Caddell, "I admire you, I see you on TV all the time. I think you're an honest man." He added, "I mean, besides being a Democrat, you're honest." Caddell responded, "Well, thank you so much."

It's not surprising that someone as far-right as Corsi would gush praise at Caddell. In addition to regularly attacking the Obama administration and Democratic-supported legislation, Caddell has claimed that the goal of environmentalism is to "deconstruct capitalism" and attacked union members as "thugs."

This is far from the first time the allegedly "Democratic" Caddell has been featured at events hosted by far-right activists. In November 2010, Caddell was featured at Restoration Weekend, the conservative retreat organized by right-wing nut David Horowitz.


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