Conservative host Mark Levin calls Bill O'Reilly a "fraud" who's "so scared of me"

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On his radio program last night, conservative host and close Sean Hannity friend Mark Levin tore into Bill O'Reilly for purportedly failing to give him credit for his attacks on lawyer Gloria Allred. Levin called O'Reilly "a fraud" and asked, "Why is the 8 pmer so scared of me?" Levin also said O'Reilly is welcome to come on his program to debate "anything. Including your legal issues." From Levin's radio program:

LEVIN: Why is the 8 pmer so scared of me? Why is Bill O'Reilly so fearful of me? My name can't even cross the man's lips, not that I want anything to cross his lips, but you get the point. I laid out the whole Gloria Allred thing; it's been all over the internet.


I'm just watching this fraud during the break before I come on the program. That's what he is - a fraud. Tell you what, fraud. Anytime you want to come on here, more than happy to debate you on anything. Including your legal issues.

Who the hell would put Bill Maher on his program? That piece of crap. That loathsome piece of crap who is nothing but brutal and vicious to conservatives, who had the worst things to say about the U.S. military. Who would put that piece of fecal matter on their program in giddy conversation? The point being what, exactly? Unless you're going to kick his ass for the whole world to see, what kind of a quote, unquote, news program does that? Yeah, Rush nailed it, absolutely nailed it. Ted Baxter. That's about right.

The happily combative Levin has attacked not only progressives (including yours truly), but also conservatives such as John McCormack ("ass"), Steve Hayes, Powerline's Paul Mirengoff ("small-minded"), David Frum ("nuts"), and Glenn Beck ("clown"). Levin has previously lobbed attacks at O'Reilly, as well.

Levin is, however, a close friend of Fox News host Sean Hannity, who coined Levin's nickname, "The Great One." Levin also appears on Fox senior VP Neil Cavuto's programs.

Bill O'Reilly, Mark Levin
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