Sean Hannity defends Donald Trump’s promise for “retribution”

Sean Hannity defends Donald Trump’s promise for “retribution”

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Citation From the December 6, 2023, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

BILL O'REILLY (GUEST): Trump is making a tactical mistake, and I'm leading with this on the No Spin News tonight. You asked him up top, "What about these charges of you being a fascist and are going to violate the Constitution and rule as a Nazi?" This is the big thing that the Democrats are going to campaign on, alright? And then you said, "Are you going to do this?" And he goes, "First day, I will."

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Retribution. Now, I went back. That was the second time I asked him about that question, because I didn't feel he finished his thought. And he said -- I said, "Will you tell the American people tonight that you will never, you know, abuse power to go after political enemies?" And his first answer was kind of glib, I thought. The original question, his answer was, "No. I won't treat them like they treat me," which I thought was very glib. Then his second answer was, "Only one day." And then he specifically said, "Energy independence and securing the borders."

O'REILLY: But, it was lost. So, when he said, "Except on day one" -- I believe that was the quote.

HANNITY: That was the quote. 

O'REILLY: Okay. That gave the media -- right there. Didn't need to have any more. That gave them their headline, which they used this morning, all over the place. "Trump's a fascist. Trump's a fascist." Okay.

Trump did that on purpose, to be provocative. That's who Trump is. No matter how you interview him, where you interview him, he's going to be provocative. He doesn't need to do that anymore. He needs to try to persuade independent voters.