Amanpour on taking This Week gig: "Sunday morning is... a place where serious news still is discussed"

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This past Thursday at Fortune's "Most Powerful Women" dinner, Christiane Amanpour addressed the thinking behind her departure from CNN after so many years in favor of hosting ABC's This Week:

Sunday morning is still serious real estate in American television, a place where serious news still is discussed. It's one of the last bastions of serious news... so for me the real motivating factor was to be able to translate, and to be able to take all that I've learned and done and take it to another level.

She's right. The all-important Sunday morning network political talk shows still have tremendous sway over our media and politics. In a very real sense, these broadcasts define conventional wisdom.

The real question is what Amanpour will do with This Week when she takes the helm. More than simply discussing "serious news" of the day, Sunday shows should be a place viewers can turn to for accurate information.

For several weeks now Jake Tapper has been interim-host This Week. In that role he has partnered with to offer a weekly fact-check of the program -- something other Sunday shows have declined to do thus far.

If Amanpour is serious about taking what she's done to "another level" with This Week, and I have every reason to believe she is serious, it is incumbent upon her to follow Tapper's lead and continue with the weekly fact-checks. Doing so will allow her to make a positive mark on the Sunday morning line-up right out of the gate.

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