Face the Nation's Schieffer sides with Meet the Press' Gregory: Fact-checking can be done by viewers

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More news in the continuing saga of fact-checking the Sunday shows. A brief recap:

  • ABC's Jake Tapper has PolitiFact.com fact-checking This Week on a trial basis.
  • NBC's David Gregory has said, "people can fact-check Meet the Press every Sunday on their own terms."

Now, CBS' Bob Schieffer -- host of Face the Nation -- has weighed in with his thoughts. Yahoo! News media writer (formerly of Politico) Michael Calderone reports:

Bob Schieffer, host of CBS' "Face the Nation," similarly described his role as "the front line on fact-checking," when a guest makes a dubious claim, he's there to ask follow-up questions.

And if an inaccurate statement slips by, Schieffer said he expects that viewers and media-monitoring groups on the left and right will call attention to it quickly, noting that "everybody's welcome to fact-check us all they want."

"I kind of think that by the time we get around to fact-checking," he added, "we'd already be fact-checked."

Looks like MeetTheFacts.com is going to need a FaceTheFacts.com counterpart.


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