Faced with ACORN pimp hoax, right-wing blogosphere falls silent

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Is anybody on the far-right end of the Internets going to stick up for poor Andrew Breitbart now that it's been revealed that he and his ACORN pals, James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, perpetrated a hoax by suggesting O'Keefe was dressed as an outlandish pimp during his undercover ACORN sting last summer?

Usually, regardless of the facts, the right-wing blogosphere will defend any online ally. Since Media Matters helped draw the curtain back on the story, it's been mostly crickets from GOP bloggers. (And that includes Breitbart's own sites, which have not bothered to mount any kind of defense.) Not even Breitbart's gay-bashing buddy Jim Hoft, at the often fact-free Gateway Pundit site, has bothered to try to defend the pimp hoax.

And let me tell you, as a conservative you know you're in trouble when even Gateway Pundit won't make stuff up on your behalf.

UPDATED: Alas, good ole Patterico, last seen failing miserably to fact-check my work, has weighed in with a defense of Breitbart. Actually, that's not true. Patterico makes virtually no attempt to defend Breitbart. He does, however, try to defend Hannah Giles.

But, as has becomes his custom, Patterico's very, very angry effort is a complete mess. (He attacks me for writing something I didn't write. Genius!) In fact, it's already been debunked by his own readers.

But hey, at least Patterico tried, which is more than I can say for the rest of the right-wing blogosphere.

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