Surprise! Right-wing blogger stands by his manufactured Obama quote

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

On Thursday, the prevaricating Gateway Pundit claimed Obama went on CNN and bragged that, "I've restored America's standing in the world." GP then mocked "The Arrogant One" for his massive ego. But oops, that's not what Obama said. Here's what he said: "We've restored America's standing in the world." [Emphasis added.] A little different, right?

But it's been more 24 hours and Gateway Pundit, supposedly one of the leaders of the conservative blogosphere, has not updated his original post or headline, let alone posted a correction to acknowledge that yeah, he doctored Obama's quote.

Behold the right-wing blogosphere, where manufactured quotes, even those involving the POTUS, are welcomed!

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