McClatchy Newspapers echo right-wing lie about Chicago Olympic bid

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

How's this for dreadful journalism [emphasis added]:

Several commentators charged that Chicago is corrupt and that Obama pals will profit, such as adviser Valerie Jarrett, who had a Chicago real estate business before she came to the White House, where she's a top adviser. "Some people say she was a slumlord and she may personally benefit," said Glenn Beck of Fox News.

Hmm, "several commentators" alleged a White House official would personally profit from the Olympics. And Beck mentioned "some people say" that official was a "slumlord."

Those are the allegations. Guess what? The McClatchy article never bothers to detail that, y'know, the allegations are false. I guess McClatchy just didn't have time/space to point out that the unhinged attacks on Obama's pursuit of the 2016 Olympics are built on lies.

Do you see the corroded press model at work? Conservatives hysterically attack Obama over fill-in-the-blank, and the press springs into action, because when conservatives are angry, it's news. But then covering angry conservatives, the press doesn't bother to note when their Obama attacks are false.

Question: Why on earth would conservatives ever stop hysterically attacking Obama if they realize there's no downside because the press is never going to call them out when they make shit up. Instead, the press just reports those lies as news, thereby exposing them to a larger audience.

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