Glenn Reynolds plays dumb about "tea parties"

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Glenn's all excited about the April 15 "tea parties" and how authentically "grassroots" they are. How the corporate media are ignoring them, and how they're gonna be a huge success.

That's all well and good. Except Glenn plays dumb throughout his New York Post piece [emphasis added]:

Around America, taxpayers have had enough. Fed up with excessive spending, planned tax increases and a federal government that first caused the financial bubble through misregulation, and then grabbed power in order to "fix" it, they're hitting the streets to protest.

So this entire right-wing movement is built around the idea that taxes might go up? And these are the same protesters who sat on their hands during the Bush years while the federal government demolished previous spending records? Spare us, Glenn. These "tea party" events are likely going to be nothing more than anti-Obama mob events. Why can't you be honest about that?

And then this:

Now that the movement looks likely to be big and successful, various established groups (mostly on the right, though a lefty counterpart will march this weekend) are getting involved. But its genesis and enthusiasm are pure grassroots: a lot of people who've had enough, brought together by the power of the Web.

First, we love how Glenn dubs the protests a huge hit even before they've happened. Nifty trick. And what defines successful? If less than one million people turn out nationwide on Wednesday, will Glenn still proclaim the anti-Obama rallies were a success?

Second, regarding "pure grassroots," why is Glenn playing dumb about Fox News, the corporate media behemoth, which is advertising the events pretty much non-stop, sending its anchors to lend star power, and whose own Glenn Beck is even planning on attending a "tea party" fundraiser? Or is that Glenn's idea of true "grassroots"? If it is, than yes, we're laughing out loud.

In fact, here Glenn goes out of his way to deliberately ignore Fox News' role:

Many in the punditocracy will ignore this week's protests, to the extent possible, this week. But, thanks to alternative media and talk radio, they'll still get noticed -- in particular, by the members of Congress in whose districts they take place.

This is just priceless: it's the Internet and talk radio that are fueling the "tea parties," not that enormous, mainstream corporate entity known as Fox News.

Hey, Glenn, when the right-wing conservative movement actually is able to create and sustain a grassroots movement on its own (i.e. one that's not bought and paid for by Fox News), let us know. But your beloved "tea parties" ain't it.

UPDATE: Paul Krugman knocks down the notion that the "tea parties" represent an "authentic popular protest movement," as Glenn so proudly puts it.

UPDATE: Blogger Jane Hamsher further punctures the "grassroots" angle.

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