Beck announces he is speaking at Tax Tea Party fundraiser prior to appearance at Tax Tea Party Protest


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From the April 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: I'm so excited to go down to San Antonio next Wednesday. It's a week from today, isn't it? Next Wednesday, I'll be in San Antonio. Remember the Alamo. We have some great things happening. I don't know if I told you -- I don't know when this happened. I don't even know what day it is right now. I'm just -- we're just going in 800 different directions.

But Ted Nugent is going to be joining me. Did I -- did we already announce that? Ted Nugent is going to be joining me on stage. He's coming down for the TV show, and then he's also going to introduce me. And I said, "Ted, you don't go for 20 minutes. You go -- you got something -- you have anything to say, Ted Nugent?" He said, "Do I have something to say?" I said, "Just see if you can come up with 20 minutes to introduce me."

So, he's going to speak before I do at the tax rally. It is at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. I want you to come. I want you to be there. Now, listen. We are asking you probably later today or tomorrow -- we're going to ask, "Can you just give us a hint if you're coming because we just want to make sure we have enough room." We'd kind of like to get a handle -- the city is freaking out a little bit, and they'd like to get a little handle on maybe how many people are coming. So if you're coming, just let us know. And that is next Wednesday at the Alamo. And I'm so excited to see you there.

I'm also -- this tax tea-party thing, it's turned into so much more. I told you yesterday that, you know, we don't -- they had no idea -- when I said, you know, "Hey, can I join you?" the whole thing just went crazy. And, so, just in security and everything else, the costs are going crazy, so I'm going to also -- and we'll announce this later today -- I'm going to do a fundraiser for them. I'm going to try to squeeze in a speech for lunch. So you can come and you can have lunch with me. And I think -- I don't know any of the details, but I've heard it's like $500 a plate or something like that. And I'll be able to -- you know, and then I'll speak. I mean, I could not speak if you'd pay more to -- "You know what? I'll write a check for a $1,000 if you just don't let Glenn Beck speak. I'm willing to do that."

But that is happening also in San Antonio on Wednesday. We'll give you all the details on that because we're looking for, like -- does anybody have any JumboTrons? I mean, this really is -- there's no party, there's nothing behind it. This is just citizens. And they're putting it together, and they're like the tea party and everything. Does anybody have any JumboTrons we can borrow? You got one laying around in the house? Would you let us know? I mean, we just kinda -- I'm just sayin'.

So, all the details you'll find at the And we'll see you a week from today in San Antonio.

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