Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds Has Never Heard of Waco?

The right-wing blogger has been in full-on defensive mode this week in the wake of the Tucson gun massacre. Specifically, Glenn Reynolds, like so many far-right bloggers, has been lashing out at anyone who calls into question the right-wing's hateful anti-government rhetoric in recent years.

Yesterday, Reynolds was especially upset about how Sarah Palin has been treated with regard to the Tucson story and demanded answers to this question:

Has any other public figure ever had to try to act “Presidential,” though, while being accused of complicity in mass murder?

That's actually a simple one. The answer is yes: Bill Clinton, following the final raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. During the 1990s, lots of Clinton-hating conservatives in the media specifically, and sometimes unequivocally, accused Clinton of being responsible for mass murder. (And some Clinton haters still do today.) Not merely complicit, Clinton was accused of being directly responsible for mass murder.

Does Reynolds have any other easy questions he'd like answered?

P.S. There's also the infamous right-wing Clinton Body Count from the 1900s, which I assume Reynolds is familiar with. It allegedly connected Clinton to countless people who “died under suspicious circumstances.” Would Reynolds care to take a break from playing defense for Palin and belatedly denounce that right-wing smear against Clinton?