It depends on what Glenn Reynolds means by “shrink rapidly”

Writing in the Washington Examiner, right-wing blogger Glenn Reynolds, suffering a permanent bout of ODS, made this He's-Doomed proclamation [emphasis added]:

And, like the beleaguered band Spinal Tap, Obama is seeing his appeal shrink rapidly despite the increased volume -- though his advisers, like Spinal Tap's manager Ian Faith, protest that his appeal isn't shrinking, just becoming “more selective.”

See, Obama's seeing his appeal “shrink rapidly.” Except that, y'know, it's exactly where it was one year ago.

-Obama's Gallup approval rating, Dec. 5, 2009: 49 percent

-Obama's Gallup approval rating, Dec. 5, 2010: 48 percent.

Like I said, it depends on what Reynolds means by “shrink rapidly.”