Americans want more stimulus spending, but the press doesn't care

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As Media Matters recently noted, the idea that Obama's proposed stimulus package might be too small to effectively turn around the economy has been literally ignored by the network news shows over the last month. That, despite the fact lots of prominent economists have argued the government ought to be spending more money to jump-start the economy.

Instead, wed to GOP talking points which claim the stimulus package is too big and too costly, the press has paid very little no attention to the economists' argument.

Well, it turns out Americans also agree with the economists and think the federal government needs to spend more money.

From the recent Newsweek poll [emphasis added]:

Which ONE of the following three statements best describes your opinion of the 800 billion dollar stimulus package recently signed into law by the President...

15[%]: It's the right amount of government spending to help turn the economy around.

40[%]: It's a good start, but more spending will be needed for it to be effective.

37[%]: It won't work and government should NOT be spending money for economic.

Forty percent of Americans think the government needs to spend more stimulus money. But you wont' hear that discussed or covered by the media, which seem content to present just one side--the GOP side--of the stimulus 'debate.'

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