Right-wing media praise St. Louis couple who pointed guns at peaceful protesters

image of a couple who brandished guns at peaceful protesters outside their home overlaid with tweets from right-wing media figures praising them

Citation Molly Butler / Media Matters

On the evening of June 28, two people in St. Louis, Missouri, emerged from a house and both pointed guns at peaceful protesters, who were demanding that Democratic Mayor Lyda Krewson resign. While their actions were reckless and could have seriously injured someone in the crowd, which reportedly consisted of over 500 people, right-wing media cheered the couple on and praised them for defending their home.

Protests against police brutality have taken place in St. Louis for weeks, but peaceful protesters marched to Krewson's house over the weekend in response to her decision on Friday to, in a now-deleted video, announce the names and home addresses of some residents who had contacted the mayor’s office about defunding the police. At around 6 p.m. on Sunday, a white couple came out of a nearby mansion and were recorded brandishing guns at the crowd. The man pointed an AR-15-style rifle directly at protesters, while the woman pointed a handgun with her finger directly on the trigger.

Despite the unnecessarily dangerous situation they created, conservative media responded by praising the couple. While some right-wing personalities acknowledged the clear lack of gun safety -- a topic that right-wing media figures have long considered themselves experts in -- most praised the couple for supposedly defending their home. Some also argued that the couple’s actions were justified because of panic caused by the recent coverage of protests and left-wing demonstrators around the country -- coverage that has often featured conservative media fearmongering about protesters. 

  • Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly tweeted that the couple was “trying to protect their property from the zoo animals.” 
  • Far-right commentator Cassandra Fairbanks tweeted: “I am absolutely in love with them. These people are the American dream.” In another tweet, Fairbanks attacked the peaceful protesters for entering the gated community, calling them a “black lives matter mob.”
  • Breitbart television editor Jeff Poor tweeted that he’s “excited for this couple's forthcoming numerous Fox News Channel appearances, and free advertising for their law firm,” ending the tweet with “God Bless America.” 
  • Pizzagate conspiracy theorist and One America News correspondent Jack Posobiec tweeted an image of the armed couple and said that “the suburbs are rising up.”
  • The Daily Caller’s Greg Price said that “lefties are freaking out and trying to dox this couple because they pulled out their guns to defend their home after these people trespassed on their private street.”
  • Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter mocked the protesters in a tweet: “Weird how people who try to be threatening get so touchy when other people refuse to be threatened.”
  • Conservative radio host and former NRATV personality Dana Loesch tweeted in defense of the couple, writing, “Considering the broadcasts, violence, fire, and weeks of angry mobs, of course they’re scared.”
  • The View’s Meghan McCain complained the media reaction revealed an “elitist disdain” for “gun culture in red states.” 
  • Human Events’ Ian Miles Cheong tweeted: “Leftists on Twitter are offended that this home owner stepped outside with a gun to prevent Black Lives Matter protestors from storming his home in St Louis. Good for him."
  • During the June 30 edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Carlson defended the couple, saying they did what “generations of Americans have done,” which is exercising their right to self-defense. 
  • Breitbart gun writer AWR Hawkins said the home owners used an “AR-15” and pistol to “defend their home” after protesters “allegedly burst through a historic gate on the way to [their] property.” 
  • Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards wrote that “given the violence that’s been a regular feature during protests,” the couple were justified in fearing for their lives, and he blamed the city of St. Louis for it’s “woeful handling of the riots and protests.” 
  • The Truth About Guns’ Dan Zimmerman defended the couple, writing they “availed themselves of their Second Amendment rights in order to protect themselves and their very impressive home."

Update (7/1/20): The post was updated with additional examples.