Fox Analyst's Attack On Gun Safety Ad Requires Lack Of Depth Perception

Fox News is continuing their effort to rebut a TV ad calling for stronger gun laws by falsely claiming it shows a man pointing a gun at children.

Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt criticized a recent ad produced by Mayors Against Illegal Guns that features a man with a shotgun calling for expanding the background check system, claiming that the man had the gun “sort of pointing back at the kids” who are playing behind him. Laughing, Stirewalt claimed that this allegedly unsafe behavior was “too hilarious” given that the ad's title is “Responsibility,” adding, “I don't think too many Arkansans will be convinced that these people know what they are talking about.”

In fact, as video from the ad Fox aired during the segment makes clear, the man in the ad is not pointing his shotgun in the direction of the children.Stirewalt

Stirewalt also joined several other conservative media figures in falsely claiming that the man in the ad had “his finger on the trigger” in an unsafe manner. But as Media Matters has documented, this is a false claim that critics are making based on a misunderstanding of where the trigger is on the firearm.


From Stirewalt's March 28 appearance on Fox News' America Live: