Marjorie Taylor Greene gave interview to white nationalist who has said “peaceful coexistence” with Black people isn’t “possible”

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dan Lyman

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) did an interview several months ago with a white nationalist commentator who previously said that he thinks “peaceful coexistence” with Black people isn’t “possible” and “the war on whites is escalating very quickly. Plan accordingly.” Greene’s interview, which hasn’t been previously reported, is another example of how the Republican congresswoman has been reaching out to fellow extremists to appeal for support. 

Republican House leadership is set to give committee assignments back to Greene and has reportedly told her that it would support her potential investigations. 

Before entering Congress in 2021, Greene was a right-wing pundit who pushed conspiracy theories about school shootings, satanic child blood drinking, “Pizzagate,” 9/11, and Jewish people using a space laser to start fires. She has also endorsed violence against politicians, the QAnon conspiracy theory, and bigoted rhetoric

She has continued to promote toxic rhetoric since taking office, including associating with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, toxic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and grifting election denier Steve Bannon; and posting on the white nationalist and antisemitic social media haven Gab.

Infowars foreign correspondent Dan Lyman interviewed Greene for his Infowars-affiliated site Border Hawk, where he fearmongers about the supposed danger of undocumented immigrants. Greene’s interview was posted and promoted on Jones’ website, which means that Infowars is monetizing it. 

Lyman received a press pass and attended the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in late July, where he interviewed right-wing extremists including Jack Posobiec, Alex Stein, and Greene, calling her “one of our great immigration patriots in Congress.” 

During the interview, Greene echoed white nationalist rhetoric by claiming: “It's not just a border invasion. It's an invasion of our entire country because these people are spreading to every single state, all 50 states.” She also said that the Republican-backed House would be “investigating all of the wrongdoing and the corruption” of the Biden administration; claimed that “Democrats don’t want” the U.S. to have “a border any more”; and declared that “we should investigate” the United Nations, nonprofits, and other “globalist groups and networks” for supposedly contributing “to the invasion of America.” 

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Citation From a Border Hawk interview posted online on August 1, 2022

Greene isn’t a stranger to pushing white nationalist talking points regarding immigration. In 2018, she shared an anti-Muslim and antisemitic video that quotes a Holocaust denier claiming that “Zionist supremacists have schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation.” 

Lyman is a “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist and white nationalist who has repeatedly made racist and anti-Muslim remarks. Here’s a sampling of his rhetoric: 

  • Lyman tweeted in November: “Wake up, White folks. The nation your ancestors sweat, bled, and died to build for you is being ripped out of your hands.” 
  • In September 2021, Lyman appeared on Red Ice Radio, a white nationalist program that has also promoted Holocaust denial. At the start of the interview, Lyman said that he’s “been a big fan of Red Ice for years and it's truly an honor to join you today.” He later blamed non-white migrants for a “pattern” of “heinous sexual crimes” and “pretty crazy rape stories,” stating: “They [refuges from Afghanistan] really don't care what they're going after as long as it's has a pulse. And so to see that there's going to be so many more of them coming over, you know, I say the worst people that have invaded Europe in recent years have to be either Afghans, Pakistanis, or Somalis.”
  • Lyman tweeted in July 2020: “All Whites with any sense should flee diversity zones immediately. Peaceful coexistence no longer appears possible. Get out ASAP.” 
  • Lyman tweeted in July 2020: “The war on whites is escalating very quickly. Plan accordingly.”