15 days after the Capitol attack, Fox regular calls white supremacists and domestic terrorism “a mythical bogeyman”

The NY Post columnist also said the insurrection may not have happened if Democrats “and their media-friendly enablers” hadn't “encouraged” violence in 2020 (they didn't)

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Citation From the January 22, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

MIRANDA DEVINE (NEW YORK POST COLUMNIST): We had thousands of troops summonsed by Nancy Pelosi to our nation's Capitol for basically a photo opportunity to show how terrible Donald Trump and his supporters were, and so that Joe Biden could get up in his inauguration speech and rail about white supremacists, and the other mythical bogeyman of domestic terrorism. When we have actually been experiencing domestic terrorism for months in Portland and Seattle, and nothing is ever done about it.


DEVINE: I'm sure that if that kind of violence hadn't been condoned and encouraged by Democrats and by their media-friendly enablers, for so many months through the summer and the fall, we may not have ever seen the Capitol Hill violence. Because I assume that Trump supporters felt, 'well if the antifa and Democrat supporters can get away with it, violence must be OK in this country.'" But it isn't. It isn't OK, whether it comes from the left or the right, and it's about time that the Democrats and Joe Biden actually cracked down on it and said something about it.