Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes calls on militia members to prepare for violence against “illegitimate” Biden administration

Rhodes: “It’s just amazing that Trump let the election be stolen out from under him and to let our country be stolen like this”

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Citation From the January 20, 2021, edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show

STEWART RHODES (OATH KEEPERS FOUNDER): Well, I think what we have to realize is that, you know, Trump actually failed. This is unpopular but I consider it a dereliction of duty and, frankly, cowardice in the face of the enemy. I’ll be blunt. We were calling for him to use the Insurrection Act all through the summer, he did not do it and up until the last moment he could have done it. And the [director of national intelligence] let us all know that yes, China interfered with the election, he confirmed we already knew. That’s when Trump should have acted and should have just manned up and done it. But he didn’t do it. So he left all of his supporters hanging. I think he’s done politically. He failed to do what he had the power to do. And I’m sure I’ll get plenty of hate mail for saying that and all kinds of people saying all the same excuses we’ve always heard. “Well, he was surrounded by bad people.” Well, whose fault was that? It was his own fault. And he’s still the commander-in-chief -- or he was the commander-in-chief -- he had a duty and responsibility to step up.

But he failed to do that and he allowed a ChiCom puppet into the White House and I think we now need to just declare that to be illegitimate and refuse to comply with anything that comes out of his mouth, anything he signs, anything passed as so-called legislation. Label it “pretend legislation" like the Founding Fathers did.

RHODES: So you just refuse to acknowledge that anything he does is constitutional. Because it wouldn't be constitutional anyway. Even if he were duly elected, he would still by violating his oath in passing unconstitutional nonsense. But he was not duly elected. It’s just amazing that Trump let the election be stolen out from under him and to let our country be stolen like this, our government. So we have an opportunity to walk the path of the Founding Fathers and declare your independence from that illegitimate regime. We still defend the Constitution -- but they are the ones that are usurpers and the violators -- and declare that. And then get strong in your communities. You needed to be raising local militias in your towns and counties, and like the Founders did, you need to then nullify, refuse to comply, and when they come for you, you defend yourselves. But you've got to do it together. Don’t be isolated and alone. Do it together as a united community. If you can get the people in your community to unite. So many Americans now are running and hiding, that’s not going to do you any good. So you need to get together and prepare to defend yourselves.