Loesch And Hoft Respond To Bullying Story By Dredging Up Long-Debunked Infanticide Smear

In the wake of a recent Washington Post article that details Mitt Romney's alleged bullying of a classmate in high school, CNN contributor Dana Loesch and conservative blogger Jim Hoft have responded by breathing new life into the zombie lie that President Obama voted in support of infanticide.

On his blog Gateway Pundit, Hoft reacted to the Washington Post article with a headline saying that “Mitt Romney Picked On a Kid in High School -- Obama voted to Smother the Life Out of Live Babies.”

CNN contributor Dana Loesch enthusiastically endorsed Hoft's statement in a tweet and later on her radio show, where she said that The Washington Post article disclosed Romney had “cut some boy's hair because he doesn't like it.” She then contrasted Romney to Obama who, according to Loesch's fevered imagination, “voted four times to support infanticide.”

For those who think it's completely false that Obama ever voted in favor of infanticide. You're exactly right.

The origin of the smear is rooted in Obama's opposition as a then Illinois state senator to a series of proposed bills that sought to amend the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. Opponents of the bill-- including Obama, have said that such legislation was unnecessary, since the Illinois criminal code already unequivocally prohibited the killing of children. Rather than protect children, they argued the bill represented a threat to abortion rights.

But that has not stopped conservative figures from pushing the zombie lie that Obama's opposition to the bill was tantamount to support for infanticide.

Obama, of course, has never endorsed the killing of children.