Breitbart's Birther Self-Delusion

One of Andrew Breitbart's fabricated points of pride is that as a conservative he stood up to the birther crazies within his ranks; that he represented a voice of reason and spoke about against the deluded right-wing movement to prove President Obama isn't an American citizen.

The problem is that claim doesn't ring true. The problem with Breitbart's resume padding is that regardless of what comments he has made about birthers, for years his sites have provided a welcome forum for birther nuts to push their debunked conspiracy theory. So in truth, Breitbart has acted as a key birther transmitter on the Internet and even guest-hosted a prominent birther radio show.

Here's some proof, from his Big Hollywood site:

On September 10, Burt Prelutsky criticized the “hypocrisy of liberals” in not expressing any “concern over Obama's refusal to offer up” his birth certificate:


On August 22, Chele Stanton claimed that the media are giving Obama a “free pass” on issues such as Obama saying “he was born in Hawaii -- Yet his own Grandmother says he was born in Kenya and she was there at his birth" and that Obama "[w]on't release his school records, medical records, or birth certificate -- no explanation."


On August 11, Jeremy D. Boreing wrote a post headlined, “In Defense of the Birthers.” Boreing claimed he is “not a Birther” but wrote that the treatment of birthers is “completely unfair” because they are raising “perfectly legitimate questions.” Boreing added that Obama “plainly is not one of us”:


Carl Kozlowski wrote on July 30 that “the more I read about [Obama], the more questions I had. I also had always held respect for John McCain and his incredible sacrifices for the nation, so by the time fall rolled around, I was campaigning for the war hero and speaking out against the man who couldn't even produce a normal birth certificate to prove he belonged in the White House.”

You get the idea. Yet despite the obvious evidence to the contrary, Breitbart insists on peddling his birther charade. Last night on Twitter he posted this boast:

When it was pointed out that his sites have played home to countless birther rants, Breitbart insisted they weren't really rants.

Hmm, a free and open debate about birtherism? Isn't that like hosting a free and open debate about whether the Bush administration orchestrated the terror attacks of 9/11? Meaning, the simple fact that you host irresponsible nuts who push a debunked conspiracy theory, be it birtherism or 9/11 trutherism, is proof that you're part of the problem.

Andrew Breitbart has been part of the birther problem for years. No amount of spinning from him will change that.