Big Journalism Flashback: "What If The Birthers Are Right?"

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This morning, President Obama released his birth certificate, demonstrating once and for all the absurd falsity of the already-debunked birther conspiracy. The whole affair was, as Adam Serwer described it, "one of the most surreal and ridiculous moments in the history of American politics." The reaction from the right has been especially incoherent -- some are blaming the entire spectacle on Obama, others are crediting Donald Trump as the hero of this saga, and the birther faithful remain wedded to their delusion.

Then there's Andrew Breitbart. He's busy touting his own anti-birther bona fides, angrily insisting that he's been firmly on the side of reason. That's up for debate, but even if you were to put Breitbart himself in the anti-birther camp, you can't say the same for his empire of "Big" websites, which has been birther-curious of late. Last week, Big Journalism asked "What if the birthers are right?" and speculated that this could be "the biggest story in the history of this country":

Another question that I'd like to float: Is Obama intentionally withholding his long-form birth certificate to continue to perpetrate the notion that those who question him are crazy giving the media more ammo against the birthers and the right? It wouldn't surprise me, but with Corsi's evidence that may not be the case.

Finally, has the MSM, out of its allegiance to the Democrat party, missed the biggest story in the history of this country? And one thing you can be assured, the left will dissect and fact check Corsi's book until the pages fall out, but will they be able to defend their position on the record? What they do with the information in Corsi's book will probably need an extra large bucket of popcorn with butter because dare I ask this: What if the Birthers are right?

Looks like that didn't pan out. Who could have guessed?

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