Breitbart gives shout-out to Birther website

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For someone who claims not to have any patience for Birtherism, Andrew Breitbart sure does spend a lot of time endorsing and otherwise promoting its looniest adherents. The latest example comes from a few days ago, when Breitbart tweeted his appreciation of the fringe anti-Obama website HillBuzz:

HillBuzz was on the Birther bandwagon from the beginning, demanding that Obama release his original birth certificate to prove that he's eligible for the presidency. And they've stayed true to the cause -- as recently as April 25 they were claiming that Obama is keeping his real birth certificate under wraps "because his father is listed as 'Arab' and 'Muslim' on that form," and that information "cuts against the narrative that Obama rode to the White House, which he affirmed in his 2010 census - which is that he is black." And just for good measure, they hop on board another loony conspiracy theory and write that Obama "had William Ayers write two books all about his racial grievances."

But to their credit, HillBuzz refused to endorse rumors that Obama had an affair with a female staffer, calling the whole thing "ridiculous." As they explained, with emphasis added: "This is all really suspicious, though, because during the campaign we truly believe the Obama team pushed the Baker affair story because they wanted people not to talk about Obama's gay relationships."

For their part, HillBuzz thanked Breitbart for the shout-out and professed hope that they would one day be deemed worthy enough to contribute to one of Breitbart's "Big" websites -- presumably Big Obama Is A Gay Arab Foreigner, whenever it launches.

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