On The Bill Press Show, Media Matters' Pam Vogel explains how Fox News has increasingly become a conspiracy hotbed


From the May 19 edition of Free Speech TV's The Bill Press Show:

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PAM VOGEL: It used to be that a conspiracy theory or something that was totally not based in fact like that, had to circulate through the right-wing blogosphere for a really long time and then occasionally it broke into Fox, and that was the only way people heard about it. That was the only way that my conservative dad heard about it, is if it made it to Fox. Now, that is no longer the case and Fox is kind of following instead of leading in this way. And so, I think we’re seeing -- that’s part of why we see that shift.

[Sean] Hannity is openly promoting conspiracy theories on his show now. He’s still sticking by the really heinous and disgusting conspiracy theory around this DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who was murdered in a botched robbery last summer. That is something that we’ve seen on Fox for a while.


The fact that it’s now happening consistently at 10 p.m., that Hannity is not willing to acknowledge facts, he’s not willing to take anything back, he’s not willing to respect a family that is in mourning – that’s a shift to me. That shows catering to a base that’s so far removed from reality, a base that was created by Fox but now has kind of gotten ahead of them.


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