CNN's Hoover: Trump Hiring David Clarke Represents "Government That Believes In Reality TV"

CNN's Hoover: Trump Hiring David Clarke Represents "Government That Believes In Reality TV"

Hoover: "You Can Say Outlandish And Ridiculous Things Like" David Clarke, And Still Serve In The Trump Administration


From the May 17 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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MARGARET HOOVER: I actually worked in the Department of Homeland Security with people who took the job and the post incredibly seriously, and this is -- the man also argued for suspending habeas corpus on his radio show, he is representative of a kind of government that believes in reality TV and in entertaining and not the responsibility of governing. This is concerning. It's also concerning that the process for vetting any of these appointees in the Trump administration, if you have a single word has been linked to a negative comment of President Trump, you have no chance of serving in a responsible position of government, and yet you can say outlandish and ridiculous things like this man. This is -- you look at some of the people who we actually really respect that are in the Trump White House, right? The H.R. McMasters, the General Mattises, some of the people who you know are really responsible and we're grateful that they're there, and you worry what would happen if they decide this is too much, because you end up getting a lot of people like this guy.


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