Mark Levin Lashes Out At Media Matters Over Immigration Fact Check


From the December 5 edition of Cumulus Media Networks' The Mark Levin Show:

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LEVIN: Is there something wrong with speaking the truth? So it's twisted by this radical, left-wing, hate-America group that -- 'Oh, wow! Mark Levin blames undocumented students for low U.S. education ranking.


But the person who wrote this, let's see here, Solange-y Uwimana, is an editor and senior researcher at the Media Matters center. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Colorado. Well she's obviously a genius! So I wanted to point that out because that was so fascinating that that group is in fact hanging around and doing what that group does. So they're out there, and not just them, others too.


Mark Levin Baselessly Blames Undocumented Students For Low U.S. Education Ranking

Levin: Immigration Reform Bill Is A "Disgusting Disgrace"

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