Fox's Tantaros Uses Oklahoma Tornado To Attack Obama Over Recent Controversies

Tantaros: "If I'm In Oklahoma, I'm Nervous, I'm Stressed Out, Because President Obama Has Not Been In Control Of Any Of These Other Things"


From the May 21 edition of Talk Radio Network's The Andrea Tantaros Show:

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TANTAROS: We are looking at the most devastating footage, where people were killed by a tornado and President Obama is going to speak. And he is going to try and look like he is in control. Like he is doing something, 'cause that is what he does. "I'm going to try and play the president. I'm going to look like I'm in charge and I'm in control and I'm being updated, OK?" If I am living in Oklahoma, I am nervous that he is in control. Because over the past couple of months and years, judging on all these scandals, the message coming from the White House is that he has blinders on. That he doesn't know about these things. If we are to take the tornado tragedy with the other tragedies, President Obama, did he just learn about the tornado by turning on Shep Smith yesterday? Did anyone tell him about the tornado, or did they just keep it from him?

OBAMA [AUDIO CLIP]: I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this, I think it was on Friday.

TANTAROS: So if we are to believe the history of the White House, and their handling of all these big issues, because the government's so vast, it's so big, according to David Axelrod, the message they have given us is that he can't handle it. It's too big, there's too much going on. If I'm in Oklahoma, I'm nervous, I'm stressed out, because President Obama has not been in control of any of these other things. Why are we to believe today, all of a sudden, he's going to step up to a podium and be in control and know everything? See this is why lying is not a good idea. This is why making your boss look weak, and incompetent, and uninformed, is not a good idea. Because no one believes him when he tries to look like he is in control. Are you in control, President Obama? Are you the president? Or is it just, "Hey, I'm the president, no one tells me anything around here. Just a passerby, hey, I'm sort of like a figurehead, an ambassador, I play basketball with celebrities, I glad-hand in Mexico, other than that, sorry. Just a -- just a face here." That is why you can't put the message out that you're incompetent. And if his lawyer is incompetent, then as Lanny Davis says, the lawyer should be fired. But she's not, because no one ever gets fired in the administration. 

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