Tucker Carlson Wants BuzzFeed's Editor-In-Chief To Tell Him How Many Trump Voters Are On His Staff

From the May 3 edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It's not just New York, and Washington, and LA. It's specifically liberal counties, it’s specifically places that voted for Hillary Clinton. It doesn't mean that all those employees voted for Hillary Clinton -- but, actually they did, because survey after survey has shown it is overwhelmingly a one-party state, journalism.

BEN SMITH: I think that Politico piece of that that something like 75 percent of the people were registered independents or weren't registered voters.

CARLSON: Right, but registration not necessarily a marker for anything. Another way to look at it would be that, the White House press corps has precisely zero registered Republicans in it. Maybe there are some Republicans are floating around there, who knows. But it is still a much smaller number, I think it is safe to say, then the country at large. And so it doesn't actually represent the country it covers. Why is that not a problem?

SMITH: I think that in a way the deeper problem, polls from people like us -- educated people who live in cities who wanted to go into journalism as well, -- There's a lot of different ways it's a homogenous group. I think the best you can do is try to be fair in your coverage and to look at the coverage. I think it was a great piece by Jack, a totally reasonable thing to observe.

CARLSON: Hold on. It's not exactly the same thing. But you wouldn't ever say something like that about racial or ethnic diversity? You wouldn't say oh, my newsroom is 100 percent middle-aged white men but we will do our best to understand perspectives different from ours. You would say, “no way man, get me HR on the line, we are going to diversify this newsroom.” Why not do that with ideology?

SMITH: I've always look for conservative political reporters. We stole our political editor from the great Washington Free Beacon. I think that is ideological. I don't agree with you on ideological diversity at all.


CARLSON: How many Trump voters do you think you have on staff at BuzzFeed, would you say?

SMITH: I don't know. I do not ask people about their ideology.


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