Tucker Carlson says critics of Don Cherry's anti-immigrant rant are “fascists” with “no real feelings”

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Citation From the November 12, 2019, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, I mean, I think what you were saying -- tell me if this is what you are saying -- that people who move to Canada ought to at least nod at the traditions of Canada. Like, why is -- why is that controversial?

DON CHERRY: Well, don't ask me, and the big thing is I should have said -- if I had to come through, if I had to have been smart and protected myself, I should have said, “Everybody should be wearing a Poppy."

CARLSON: Yeah, well, that's fair.

CHERRY: Like, I went downtown -- yeah, and fair enough to the whole thing. Its the two words that got it, that "you people" -- as you know, people are very sensitive like that, and that's -- that got me.

CARLSON: Well, they're not -- I mean, if I can just clarify, they're not sensitive at all. They are fascists. They're not -- they actually have no real feelings. They are faking their outrage.

They're trying to crush you because they want to exert power, because it makes them feel big, when actually inside they are small. But, just to clarify, you didn't -- did you mean to say something hateful?

CHERRY: No, I didn't.