Tucker Carlson: Admitting more migrants into America is the fastest way “to make it a place you wouldn’t want to live”

Carlson: “Why would a climate migrant have a right to come to my country?”

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Citation From the November 11, 2019, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Why would a climate migrant have a right to come to my country?  

JUSTIN HASKINS: Well apparently, climate migrants, which I don't even think are a real thing, are essentially a category of people from third world countries, from developing nations, who are so supposedly suffering as a result of climate change, man-caused climate change.

Now, I don't believe that anybody is actually suffering from man-caused climate change, but Bernie Sanders' proposal would have 50,000 people, 50,000, at minimum, come to the United States from around the world, who are suffering from climate change, supposedly, in just the first year -- and over the course of his presidency, hundreds of thousands of people, because supposedly this is good for climate justice or something along those lines.

But the most bizarre part of all of this is that I thought, according to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and everybody else in the socialist left, that human beings are causing climate change, that humans, CO2 emissions, that that's what's causing climate change, and it's going to be catastrophic.

CARLSON: Right. 

HASKINS: Well, if that's true, then why are we bringing people from all over the world --

CARLSON: Exactly.

HASKINS: -- where they produce CO2 emissions, less per person, in places like Mexico and Guatemala and places like that, why are we bringing them to the United States where we produce CO2 emissions per person at a much higher rate? It doesn't make any sense.

CARLSON: Well but, and also, if you cared about the environment, which I personally do emphatically care and actually go outside once in a while, unlike most people on the left -- why would you want a crowded country? 

Isn't crowding your country the fastest way to despoil it, to pollute it, to make it a place you wouldn't want to live?