Tucker Carlson: “There's too many people, because of immigration ... the rest of us should look at California, and be very clear that we don't want that”

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Citation From the November 5, 2019, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Crowding is one of the problems that we never talk about, but California, which has led for more than a century every national trend, is overcrowded. There's too many people, because of immigration. Why shouldn't the rest of us be really worried about this trend, for real?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Yeah, well, the attorney general Xavier Becerra bragged that he has, that we have 10 million illegal aliens, out of 40 million in the state. We know that 27% of the population was not born in California, but it was a trifecta, a perfect storm.

We brought a lot of people in that had no high school diploma, no facility with English, no legality, and they were not diverse. And then at the same time, 6 -- 4 to 6 million people fled the last 30 years, the old Reagan, Pete Wilson constituency, and then we became this -- 

CARLSON: I'm one of them.

HANSON: -- Coastal entertainment, high tech, high tech area, and we have all these people, had so much money that they dreamed up what you talked about, you know, banning straws, and not shooting bobcats, and all that, because they dealt with these trivial problems as a way of, I guess, squaring the circle that they -- they couldn't do anything about the existential problems, because it was contrary to their ideology, or was a result of their ideology.  And it's -- it's sad because our ancestors, we inherited a beautiful state, Tucker.

CARLSON: I know.


The rest of us should look at California, and be very clear that we don't want that. We don't want to live in a state that's falling apart, and overcrowded, and run by lunatics. It should be a lesson, I think, for all of us.