Tucker Carlson invites a former sniper to attack March for Our Lives protests

Ryan Cleckner: “Bombs are already illegal. It didn't stop the [Austin, TX] bombings from happening.”

From the March 21 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Ryan Cleckner is a former Army special operations sniper. He's a firearms attorney, and columnist at the Federalist, and he joins us now. Ryan, thanks for coming on.

RYAN CLECKNER : Thanks for having me on, Tucker.

CARLSON: So, I think a lot of the people who are coming to the marches this weekend are just upset about school shootings, and maybe haven't thought about the agenda that undergirds -- the people organizing it have a pretty clear legislative agenda. They'd like to do a lot of different things.


CLECKNER: Criminals don't obey laws. The definition of a criminal is somebody who doesn't obey a law. Banning an inanimate object will not solve these problems. So, for example, the Maryland shooting yesterday didn't involve an AR-15. Virginia Tech, used pistols. The Ft. Hood massacre, he used pistols. 9/11, they used box cutters. The tool is not the problem.

I mean, you want to talk about tools, look at the Austin bombings that we just solved today -- bombs are already illegal. It didn't stop the bombings from happening.


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