Tucker Carlson guest Mark Steyn reacts to Notre Dame fire by calling the French “Godless” and portraying France as overrun by Muslims 

Steyn: “Christendom is in retreat in Europe”

From the April 15 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

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MARK STEYN (GUEST: Christendom is in retreat in Europe, and in France particularly - France has actually quite an aggressive belief in secularism and according to some polls, the French are even by the standards of the modern Western world among the most Godless people in that sense. Three years ago, in that terrible summer that began with the Nice truck killings, when it seemed as if the entire French state was unraveling, I went to Rouen cathedral for the funeral of Hamel, the French priest who had his throat cut at mass. And I went to the basilica of Saint-Denis, which is in the north of Paris where the French kings are buried. 

And basically is a Christian museum in the heart of what is now a Muslim suburb in effect. There is no sense of Christianity outside of the walls of that cathedral. And it was after that that I went to then Notre Dame because you do have the sense that a living, breathing faith is just becoming actually a museum. An art gallery. A storage facility. And the French who were on the streets in tears this evening, on the streets of Paris - I don't think they're mourning just history or architecture or art or culture. They are mourning something else. But what that something else post-Christian France can't quite identify it. That's really the conundrum. When Monsieur Macron says we're going to rebuild it - rebuild it for what? When people talk about oh the heart of France has died - what is in the soul of France? What is this? Is it just the building or something more? 


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