Tucker Carlson says fighting voter suppression is "a terror tactic" used "to whip up racial hysteria"

Tucker Carlson says fighting voter suppression is "a terror tactic" used "to whip up racial hysteria"

Carlson: “Racializing everything only makes people hate each other”


From the April 9 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Lowering the voting age for 16, you for that?

RICHARD GOODSTEIN: Again, I think what we are trying to do with HR-1 is safeguard against voter suppression. You think it's a joke. In a lot of states in the country --

CARLSON: I think it's a joke to say that that children should vote.

GOODSTEIN: Look, in a lot of states in the country, people are taking measures -- closing polling places, reducing the number of days for early vote, well --

CARLSON: That's not true. It's an attempt to whip up racial hysteria, and actually, African-American voters in the last couple of elections, in a lot of places, have a much higher turnout than white voters. So, like, the idea that there's -- I'm sure that there is crummy voting behavior, maybe even suppression in isolated places, but overall, that's the opposite of the truth, actually, as you know.

GOODSTEIN: No, because I think they would be voting in bigger numbers, still, if they were --

CARLSON: They have a higher turnout than white voters. I mean, what -- so, let's not -- let's be real for a second. Like, that's not -- that may be a lot of things, that's not suppression. So, let's stop saying that, because that scares people.

GOODSTEIN: Well, no. It's a demonstrable fact. Take Georgia, for example, where you know what happened. There were all these people that were stripped from the voter rolls, who were disproportionately black. I mean, you call that what you want, it's -- it feels like voter suppression.

CARLSON: Racializing everything only makes people hate each other. There is bias in the country, let's expose it, but saying there is suppression when African-American voters vote in a higher percentage than white voters, it's just -- it's a terror tactic.


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