Tucker Carlson falsely claims Trump’s tweet about wiretapping “may have been right”

Carlson: “Either the intelligence agency has gone rogue” or “officials are colluding with one another to lie to the public”

From the September 19 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Now Manafort, it ought to be noted, had an apartment inside Trump Tower during that time, so it's virtually certain that surveillance of him would have included other members of the Trump campaign staff, maybe even Trump himself.

In other words, it looks like Trump's tweet may have been right.


Either the intelligence agency has gone rogue, pursuing its own goals without meaningful oversight from elected officials, or our officials are colluding with one another to lie to the public, apparently for political reasons.

Either way, something ominous is happening in Washington. Last year's election terrified the permanent class here, mostly because it was a genuine, populist uprising that they couldn't control, despite all efforts.

Since the election, they have done everything in their power to reverse the results, or simply pretend it never happened. In an ironic twist, they become exactly what they claim to oppose.

They collude behind closed doors to push a narrative of secret collusion. They compare the president to Vladimir Putin, and then use secret surveillance and politically motivated leaks to menace their political enemies, and then, for good measure, they lie about it.

In the name of protecting democracy they are doing everything they can to subvert the results of a democratic vote, irony of ironies. No Russian hacking has ever threatened this country more than that.


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