Tucker Carlson attacks corporate diversity policies as “racial discrimination” and calls for a Justice Department crackdown

Carlson also claimed Alex Jones was deplatformed by tech companies only for “saying things they disliked”

From the January 9 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): If you voted for Trump, take a step back. How is your life two years later? Are you freer now to say what you think than you were on Election Day 2016? Are you bolder and more confident in your beliefs, or are you more afraid?

It's a question James Damore might ask. The company that Damore once worked for, Google, often boasts about its commitment to the free exchange of ideas. So, Damore dared to exchange his ideas with others. He never threatened or demeaned anyone. Google just didn't like what he said, so they fired him, and they trashed his reputation so thoroughly he couldn't find a job.

Something very like that happened to the tech entrepreneur Palmer Luckey. Lucky was thrown off the board of Facebook solely because he supported Donald Trump for president.

And then, how about Alex Jones? You may not like Jones, you may despise him, but you should know that he was systematically crushed by the big tech companies just for saying things they disliked. He can't even use PayPal anymore. And he's not the only one -- hardly. Others have been punished, not for what they say, but simply for refusing to read from pre-approved scripts.


Those things happen and they are just a few of the best known examples. Imagine all those that don't make the news.

How many Americans have been fired or denied work because of their political beliefs over the last two years? Who's protecting these people?

In the business world, virtually, every major company seems to have lurched left since Trump's elections. Our corporate leaders are now openly determined to award this country's spoils on the basis on skin color, rather than merit. They say that out loud. This is unfair and it's deeply divisive. It makes Americans hate each other. It's also, as a factual matter, illegal. Corporations are not allowed to practice racial discrimination, neither are universities.

There's an entire division of the Justice Department that exists to enforce our laws against racism. Have they noticed what's happening? Of course they have, they just don't care. Maybe they should find other jobs.

There are still lawyers in this country who care about civil rights, and the administration should hire them and set them to work. And while they're at it, they ought to defend our constitutionally guaranteed religious freedoms as well. Traditional Christian beliefs are not a crime. Discriminating against them is. Corporate America ought to be reminded of that.


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