Fox's Tucker Carlson On Colin Kaepernick Protest: I'm Tired Of “Rich People” Like President Obama And Oprah Being Victims

Carlson: “When Did Rich People Become Victims?”

From the August 29 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Breit Baier:

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TUCKER CARLSON: There are two things to note. One, you have to have never left our borders to say something like this because you have no perspective at all. I'm not claiming America's perfect, obviously not, but compared to what? The second point is, when did rich people become victims? When did people stop laughing at the idea that someone who makes 10 million dollars a year can get up, “I'm a victim.” The president, “I'm a victim.” Oprah, --

MARA LIASSON: He didn't say he was a victim. He just said he was protesting.

CARLSON: He did. In that clip, he didn't. No, he said, “I felt the sting of it, too.” No, you're an overpaid athlete. The next time some overpaid entertainer or athlete or politician stands up and says, “boo, hoo, people are mean to me because x, y, and z”, laugh in their face, including this guy. 


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