On Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson Defends Trump's “Totally Reasonable” Anti-Muslim Plan While Attacking Non-European Immigrants

During an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended Donald Trump's “totally reasonable and rational” anti-Muslim immigration plan and said the media's criticism of it makes him want to donate to Trump's campaign. Carlson also complained that people overlook all the “bad and really troubling” things non-European immigrants have done to the country.

Carlson, who is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller, appeared on the December 9 edition of The Alex Jones Show to discuss Trump's candidacy and the controversy over his plan “for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.” Jones is a leading conspiracy theorist who believes the government was behind 9/11 and several other catastrophes. Trump recently appeared on Jones' program and praised Jones and his “amazing” reputation.

Carlson began by complaining that “the worst thing about Trump is the media reaction to him, which is so hyperventilating and self-righteous. It's merely an excuse for reporters to explain that they're morally superior to Donald Trump ... it's disgusting.” Carlson continued that watching negative coverage of Trump makes him “feel like sending him money”:

CARLSON: There are things about Trump that I don't agree with, and there are certainly things about his rhetoric that I think ought to be more precise, that he ought to explain better. But none of that really compares in emotional impact to the feeling I get watching the press whine about him and declare him dangerous. Every time I hear that I feel like sending him money.

JONES: I agree with you. 

Carlson defended Trump's proposal for a ban on Muslim immigration as a “totally reasonable and rational conclusion to reach” because “we don't want to be Sweden or Belgium or France”: 

Carlson proceeded to attack non-European immigration to the country. While he said we “pretend it's all good because we get better restaurants and cheap servants,” immigrants in recent decades have “made the country less cohesive and more divided,” hurt the education system and economy, and become Democrats:

CARLSON: They get away with it politically because they change the composition of the electorate over time. That's exactly, as you know, what's happened since 1965 when immigration law changed to favor people from outside of Europe. And there are probably some good things about that -- there are also some bad things about it, which we never mention. We lie about it and pretend it's all good because we get better restaurants and cheap servants, but the truth is it was a massive boon for the Democratic Party because the overwhelming majority of those immigrants in the last 50 years have become Democrats and stayed Democrats. But it has made the country less cohesive and more divided, and there have been all kinds of other unattractive effects of it.  It's affected our education system, it's affected our economy in ways that are bad and really troubling over the long term.

Jones also compared Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton, to a hippo, which elicited laughs from Carlson. Jones suggested Abedin was in a same-sex relationship with Clinton. Carlson responded by attacking Abedin as being divisive and irresponsible for her recent criticisms of Trump.

Carlson is a repeat guest on The Alex Jones Show. He previously suggested the Obama administration is engaging in “Nazi stuff” by using ethnic politics, and wants to confiscate all the country's firearms and put people “in jail for even having them.”