When Trump Supporters Criticize Jay Z, Anderson Cooper Reminds Them Of Ted Nugent's Lewd Act

Cooper: “Ted Nugent Grabbed His Package At His Concert, Didn't He?”

From the November 7 edition of Anderson Cooper 360:

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KAYLEIGH MCENANY: The difference is for Jay-Z to shout these -- to shout these expletives on a stage at a political rally while the Democrats are trying to stand on a moral high ground saying we're better than that and Hillary Clinton is putting out commercials with little girls looking in the mirror -- 

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Ted Nugent -Ted Nugent grabbed his package at his concert, didn't he? Said “I got your blue states right here?”

MCENANY: But my point is, if Democrats want to put out commercials of little girls looking in the mirror, making themselves as the moral paragon of virtue, then you cannot have Jay-Z on a stage shouting expletives -- 

DAVID AXELROD: Kayleigh, I agree with you, and when Jay-Z runs for president, he's going to have to answer for that. But he's not the candidate for president. Donald Trump is, and that’s the problem.


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