Nugent Denies History Of Bigoted, Misogynistic Comments, Compares CNN To Nazi Propagandists

Ted Nugent denied his long history of incendiary comments while appearing on the campaign trail with Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott. Reacting to condemnation of his comments from CNN Wolf Blitzer, Nugent compared the network to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Nugent, a conservative columnist, National Rifle Association board member and spokesman for the Outdoor Channel has endorsed Abbott and introduced him at a campaign event on Tuesday, describing him as his “blood brother.”

Asked by reporters about his past comments, Nugent told them that “all the negative stuff is dishonest, all the really wonderful stuff is accurate.”

The Star-Telegram also reported that Nugent described videos of his comments as “lies” and “inaccurate.”

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer condemned Nugent for calling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” in a February 18 segment discussing the controversy surrounding his activities in Texas. Blitzer said that the phrase “subhuman mongrel” is similar to the German word “untermensch,” which is “what the Nazis called Jews ... to justify the genocide of the Jewish community.”

Responding to CNN on Twitter on February 19, Nugent described the network as “Joseph Goebbells Saul Alinsky propaganda ministry mongrels,” adding, "@WolfBlitzer is a journalist & Im a gay pirate from Cuba"

In another tweet, Nugent complained that “So much media has lost its soul lying Saul Alinsky Joseph Geobbells freaks.”

As the Star-Telegram indicated, Nugent's comments have been captured on video multiple times making these attacks, which have also been supplemented by his columns for the birther website WND and the Washington Times.

Here's a video documenting some of Nugent's lowlights: