Rumble and X haven’t suspended streamer Stew Peters despite his frequent calls for violence and killings

Repeatedly calling for “shooting” people is apparently not a suspension red line for RNC partner Rumble

Chris Pavlovski, Stew Peters, Elon Musk, and Linda Yaccarino

Citation Molly Butler / Media Matters

“It's not a Stew Peters rally unless we're calling for executions.” Stew Peters executive producer Lauren Witzke on October 28

Rumble and X (formerly Twitter) have been hosting calls from far-right extremist Stew Peters to kill countless people in the United States. Those exhortations include him saying that we should be “shooting everyone involved” with Catholic Charities; demanding that migrants at the border be shot; telling his audience that “guns are going to have to be used to save our country” against the government; stating that COVID-19 vaccine advocates need “to be put down like Old Yeller” and “only death will stop them”; and saying that former senior public health official Anthony Fauci and Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas must “hang” for their supposed crimes.

Rumble claims in its terms and conditions that “you may not post or transmit any message which is abusive, inciting violence, harassing, harmful, hateful, anti-semitic, racist or threatening.” The platform also claims that it “has a zero tolerance for any violation of Content Policies and/or Conduct outlined in these Terms … If a user is found in violation, the account may be suspended and/or terminated. The determination of suspension or termination is at the sole discretion of Rumble.” 

Despite its “zero tolerance” claim, Media Matters found 13 videos currently on Rumble in which Peters calls for violence or murder since the beginning of 2023. That “zero tolerance” language is also relevant because Rumble apparently removed video of Peters calling for murdering charity workers, but did not suspend his account. 

Similarly, X claims in its rules that “you may not threaten, incite, glorify, or express desire for violence or harm.” But Media Matters found 6 videos hosted by X of Peters calling for violence or murder. Media Matters previously documented that X hosts posts by Peters, who is verified on the platform, endorsing the killing of LGBTQ advocates; political figures; media figures; and singer Sam Smith. (Those pro-violence posts are still on X.) 

Rumble’s role in helping promote calls for violence and murder is notable since the platform has partnered with the Republican National Committee to stream its debates, including on November 8 in Miami. The company has a history of platforming conspiracy theorists, bigotry, antisemitism, and violent rhetoric

Peters is a white nationalist and antisemitic conspiracy theorist. As of posting, he has more than 540,000 followers on Rumble and 450,000 on X. He gained fame within far-right circles for his work promoting COVID-19 misinformation, including false claims about people having “died suddenly” because of the vaccine.

This year, he has heavily moved into explicit calls for violence. In speeches and on his show, which is streamed on Rumble and X, he says that executions are the only adequate solution for fixing the allegedly sorry state of the country. Peters has dubbed this “extreme accountability.” 

In some instances, Peters has stated outright that people should be shot or killed. In other instances, he attempts to couch his language by claiming there would be some sort of trial which would result in hangings and “fry[ing].” (He once claimed: “We don't support vigilantism or mob violence. … We absolutely believe in trials and evidence and due process.”) 

But his version of the judicial system is one put on by “ourselves” -- in other words, Stew Peters show trials. As he explained it, he doesn’t trust the U.S. judicial system because it “has been completely infiltrated and overtaken and hijacked.” And, as he stated on October 31, when it comes to administering “extreme accountability,” if the government doesn’t do it, “then we have to do it ourselves.” (In other words, vigilantism.) 

Peters’ track record suggests that he will continue to post threatening material on both Rumble and X unless Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski and X leaders Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino suspend his accounts. After he was criticized for calling for the murder of Catholic Charities workers -- rhetoric that reportedly incited threats -- Peters repeatedly doubled down and told the organization to “quit playing the victim.” 

The following are nine examples from this year when Rumble and X have streamed Peters calling for violence or killings. 

Peters on migrants: “Why isn’t our military down here shooting these people?”

Rumble; Rumble. X

On October 31, Peters said of undocumented migrants: “When you have a military, it’s your military’s sole job to protect the borders of your country. And if somebody threatens to physically invade your country, you shoot them. Why isn’t our military down here shooting these people?”

Peters called for executing Fauci and “doctors, leaders, presidents” who “concocted, produced, sold or mandated these killer shots.”

Rumble; Rumble. X

On his October 31 show, at the start of a segment about people who have allegedly been injured by the COVID-19 vaccine, Peters said: “Amnesty is not in the conversation. We will keep giving them a platform until there is extreme accountability for the people who concocted, produced, sold or mandated these killer shots. Even those who endorsed them or suggested that you get them. Doctors, leaders, presidents. We will keep giving people a platform until Tony Fauci and the rest have been given the death penalty after conviction that they so richly deserve.” 

Peters said doctors who provide gender-affirming care should “fry” and be “hanged.”

Rumble; Rumble. X

About five minutes into a segment on his March 15 show, Peters said that “people like Tony Fauci absolutely deserve the death penalty” and said of doctors who do gender-affirming care: 

STEW PETERS: The people who trick children into taking puberty blockers and then chop off their genitals and turn them into some kind of a freak show out of a horror movie? Yes. Those people deserve to fry. They aren't doctors. They're sick perverts and child molesters and traffickers. And guess what? There were fake doctors who did fake medicine during the Holocaust too. And when we found those people and tracked them down and confirmed what they did, we hanged them appropriately. 

Peters called for a violently replacing the government, telling his audience that they “need to talk about what to do with those guns and how to use them.”

Rumble; Rumble. X

About 12 minutes into a segment on his September 26 show, Peters said that the government needs “to be replaced, but by means of elections is not going to happen.” He then suggested that using guns would be the way to do it, stating: “It’s part of a Marxist coup. It’s the ushering in of an authoritarian, oppressive one-world government and the only thing stopping them from completing it is 450 million guns in this country, so now we just need to talk about what to do with those guns and how to use them.”

Peters told his audience that “guns are going to have to be used to save our country.” 

Rumble; Rumble. X

On his August 9 show, Peters told his audience about 13 and-a-half minutes into a segment: 

STEW PETERS: Unfortunately, the way that this country is turning, it looks like eventually those guns are going to have to be used to save our country, to protect our country, to protect ourselves against a totalitarian regime that wishes to use brute force in effort to crush any dissent to a communist overtaking, a one world government, a New World Order, a Great Reset, an Agenda 2030, whatever you want to call it. This is what they want to foist on a society. And the only thing that will protect us is guns.

Peter said that Fauci will “hang from a length of thick rope until he is dead”; Hunter Biden will be put to “death”; and Alejandro Mayorkas will “hang.” 

Rumble. X

During an August 25 speech at the Trump-backed ReAwaken America tour in Las Vegas, Peters told the audience about 33 and-a-half minutes into the video that Fauci “will hang from a length of thick rope until he is dead”; Hunter Biden will be “convicted” of treason and be put to “death,” and claimed (36:50 into the video) that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “is a treasonous traitor, and in the world that we are going to build, traitors will hang.”

Peters on pro-vaccine advocates: “Only death will stop them, because otherwise they'll just continue to remanifest. … They have to be put down like Old Yeller.” 

Rumble; Rumble

On September 18, during a segment headlined, “CIA Caught BRIBING Covid Analysts Spooks Attempted Pay Off To Squash Covid Lab Leak Theory,” Peters called for killing people involved with the COVID-19 vaccine, stating (16:15 into the segment): “I will continue to say it: Only extreme accountability, only death will stop them, because otherwise they'll just continue to remanifest. These are demons that we're dealing with. They're murderous pedophiles and heathens, and they have to be put down like Old Yeller.” 

Peters called for “shooting everyone involved” with Catholic Charities and also called for killing undocumented immigrants and doctors who provide gender-affirming care.

Rumble (since-removed). X

On October 28, Peters claimed that Catholic Charities helps “coach illegals on how to get admitted here,” saying: “We need troops on the border that will shoot people that are trying to invade our country. That'd be a good first step. But you know what a better second step would be? Shooting everyone involved with these fake charities.” His remarks, which echo those of mass shooters, were condemned by Catholic Charities and Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX). 

He also talked about killing doctors who provide gender-affirming care, stating: “We're really lucky because the Bible itself already tells us what the punishment should be. From the gospel of Matthew, quote: ‘But who so shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me. It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.’ That sounds like a great idea. Isn't it?” 

Peters aired a segment calling for the executions of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Rumble (while Rumble removed one upload of this segment, Peters’ channel still has another upload of the segment on the platform). X (since removed). 

Peters aired a September 27 segment calling for the executions of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce over the Kansas City tight end’s promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

During the segment, guest Morgan Ariel claimed that Swift and Kelce are dangerous because “if she's dating some high-end, you know, football player that is pushing the vaccine, then that's going to raise the probability that they'll go out and get it.” Peters responded: “These people are responsible for murder. They're actually selling their souls and knowingly killing children with a DOD-manufactured, U.S. government-owned and deployed weapon of biowarfare. I mean, these people should be held to serious account.”

Ariel replied: “I think people deserve to be publicly prosecuted and hung. I mean, the same thing that you say. I think that we need justice in this country. I think that celebrities that are pushing it, they should be tried and they don't have any conviction because their God is Satan and they value money instead of human life.”