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Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski has repeatedly interacted with and praised far-right and antisemitic figures

Chris Pavlovski, the Canadian entrepreneur and CEO of “free speech” video hosting site Rumble, has interacted with and praised numerous far-right figures on multiple platforms. In some instances, Pavlovski interacted with extremist figures to assist them with uploading content onto Rumble.

Pavlovski connected with and heaped praise on conspiracy theorists, bigots, and figures who have pushed pro-Hitler talking points, antisemitism, and white nationalism. 

Pavlovski is connected to the Republican National Committee via Rumble, which is the exclusive streaming partner for the GOP presidential primary debates.

    • During a livestream, Pavlovski congratulated pro-Hitler influencer Sneako (real name Nico Kenn De Balinthazy) on his Rumble streaming numbers. [Twitter/X, 10/2/23; Media Matters, 9/29/23]
    • Pavlovski appeared on white nationalist and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show Tucker Carlson Today. [Fox News, 1/8/23; Media Matters, 10/28/18]
    • Walter Weekes, one of the hosts of the misogynistic men’s lifestyle podcast Fresh & Fit, said that he and his co-host met with Pavlovski for “dinner a couple of times” and “went out.” The podcast hosts have previously hosted notorious white nationalist Nick Fuentes, pushed Holocaust denial, and spread conspiracy theories about Jewish people. [Fresh & Fit, 8/18/23; Media Matters, 3/16/23, 8/8/23]
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    Citation From the August 18, 2023, edition of Fresh & Fit, streamed on Rumble

    • Pavlovski praised Canadian far-right news outlet Rebel News for giving “corporate/govt media a real run in” Canada. Rebel Media has been described as “an online platform that allows white nationalists to promote division.” [Twitter/X, 1/29/22; The National News, 7/25/19]
    • Pavlovski appeared on right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka’s program. Gorka is reportedly connected to the Nazi-linked organization Vitezi Rend. [Twitter/X, 6/1/22; NBC News, 4/8/17]
    • In a statement, Pavlovski said that he is “super excited” to welcome anti-Muslim extremist Laura Loomer to the the platform’s Rumble Exclusives creator list. Loomer has been banned on various social media platforms and has previously called for a “white ethnostate.” [Substack, 10/17/23; CNN, 8/19/20; Daily Dot, 3/8/21]
    • Pavlovski has interacted multiple times with antisemite and conspiracy theorist Hotep Jesus (real name Bryan Sharpe) on X. [Twitter/X, 4/13/23, 12/29/22; Media Matters, 10/3/23]
    • During an interview on QAnon show X22 Report, Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes claimed that Pavlovski praised the show for being “huge” and having a “massive platform.” [Media Matters, 4/18/23]
    • Pavlovski has interacted with “Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander on Truth Social. Alexander is accused of sending sexual text messages to underage boys and has previously made antisemitic comments. [Truth Social, 12/16/22; Daily Dot, 4/20/23; Mediaite, 9/21/23]