Tony Perkins says Christine Blasey Ford coming forward about Brett Kavanaugh is “very, very suspect”

Perkins is currently hosting the vehemently anti-LGBTQ Values Voter Summit

From the September 21 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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TONY PERKINS (GUEST):  I think they don't know. Something that happened thirty six years ago and never been brought up since then? Until now? And the timing of this? I mean look, Dianne Feinstein sitting on this for six weeks and then dropping it on the eve of the vote? Look, people see that and they question the integrity of this entire process. They know what's at stake. The left has been unable to convince the American people that their crazy ideas work so they use the Court to impose it on us. Abortion, the redefinition of marriage, immigration laws, the restriction of free speech. And so, the left knows that if they can't control the Court, they cannot impose their values on America, and the right gets that. And they're ready for the Court to operate within the confines of the constitution.


BRET BAIER (HOST): Understanding the timing, understanding the politics, understanding all the contexts you just mentioned, what do you say to Democrats who say that two out of three sexual assault victims don't come forward when it happens and that what if she is telling the truth? Is that disqualifying if that's the case? 

PERKINS: Well look, I'm not going to question the fact that maybe she went through a traumatic experience. In fact, it is a prevalent problem in our society today that sexual abuse and assault. And so, it may have happened. But was it Brett Kavanaugh? There was alcohol apparently involved. People were intoxicated. Do they really know, do they really remember the facts? It's been thirty six years. I don't know. Can we decide that with he said/she said? Brett Kavanaugh who has by all means led an exemplary life says no, he did not do it, it was not him. So, who do we believe at the end of the day? Again, you have to look at the factors and the circumstances. If this were a criminal case, you couldn't process or prosecute it because the statute of limitations. There's reasons we have these limits because it's hard to prove facts. Again, you look at the broader context here and it looks very, very suspect. 


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