Fox Co.'s Charly Arnolt: “Men, heed the warning: in Biden's America you are not safe here”

After denouncing sexual assault allegations against conservative men, Arnolt insinuates men are “not safe” from politically motivated allegations of assault

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Citation From the March 20, 2024, edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus 

SANDRA SMITH (HOST): There they had a field day with her on the set, and Behar even, at one point, scolded the men in the audience for not applauding her. 

CHARLY ARNOLT (OUTKICK HOST):  We're here to praise the men in the audience who did not clap because they are able to see exactly through this situation for what it is. It's the exact same thing that E. Jean Carroll is doing to Donald Trump. It's the exact same thing that happened to Russell Brand. He had a slew of sexual assault allegations come against him after he started speaking out against Big Pharma. The same thing happened to Brett Kavanaugh. I mean, it's very clear, in this country — even with zero proof — the Democrats will go to any lengths that they can to attack you if you are a conservative man. Unfortunately, men, heed this warning: In Biden's America, you are not safe here. So, I think this is clear by what we're seeing going on right now with this case. 

SMITH: They were fawning over her.

ARNOLT: Oh my gosh.

SMITH: That is not an exaggeration. 

ARNOLT:  And just like they talked about — there's no proof. She didn't have any witnesses, there was no location, there was no dates. No one backed her up. Her friends and family didn't back her up. What does that say?