NRATV host: Christine Ford “could have been talked into remembering” assault by Kavanaugh

Grant Stinchfield: “In her demeanor, I saw a woman who could possibly be swayed”

From the September 28 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): After so many hours of testimony yesterday I can say this, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a lion. A constitutional warrior who refuses to bow down to liberal destruction. This is a man who came out firing at yesterday’s hearing as he so forcefully stated the left has replaced advise and consent with search and destroy. For as believable and sympathetic as a witness Christine Ford was, and she was, believe me, Judge Kavanaugh was equally as convincing and sympathetic. I don’t doubt something happened to Ms. Ford, but after watching Brett Kavanaugh, I am confident he is a good man who is not capable of the things he’s accused of. Ms. Ford, a woman I feel for, offered no evidence other than her own memory. We don’t convict people off unproven allegations. The fate of the next Supreme Court nominee will already be set if we allow the Democrats to orchestrate a coup of fairness and due process.

I watched the testimony of Ms. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, all of it. Ms. Ford, though credible, admitted she was frightened of almost everything. This is a woman scared of flying, unless it’s a vacation, scared of the polygraph, scared of being questioned by senators. All of it understandable being on such a grand stage, but I believe her demeanor -- which sadly Democrats forced her in the position of being judged -- but in her demeanor, I saw a woman who could possibly be swayed. I believe she could have been talked into remembering something she may not have. Talking to her friends on a beach, you need to call the news, they declared. And she did.                 


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