Fox host: “Democrats should be ... apologizing to” Brett Kavanaugh

From the October 4 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): What would you Democrats have done, quite deliberately, by a deliberate plot, delay and derail. It's quite deliberate on the part of Democrats --

DOUG SCHOEN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Are you talking about Merrick Garland with “delay and derail”?

VARNEY: I'm talking about -- you know I'm talking about Kavanaugh. You have destroyed this man, and you've destroyed his family without any basis of corroborating witnesses, a time, a date, a place, or anything to back you up.


VARNEY: Are you sympathetic to Kavanaugh? What will you say to his children?

SCHOEN: I would say to his children, he is a man who has led mostly, if not totally, an exemplary life, and I'm sorry that this has played out as a totally politicized process. But it's what happened in our system on both sides. 

VARNEY: I think that's exactly what Democrats should be doing with Mr. Kavanaugh, apologizing to him, his wife, and his children. 

SCHOEN: I didn't say I was apologizing. I was explaining --

VARNEY: Well, you should. You should. 


SCHOEN: It was not just Democrats, there were lots of voices from people who were not in the system who raised questions that are now hopefully going to be resolved, Stuart, by the FBI report. 

VARNEY: What questions?

SCHOEN: Questions about his behavior --

VARNEY: There's no corroboration.

SCHOEN: Stuart --

VARNEY: There's no witness. 

SCHOEN: Stuart --

VARNEY: You've proposed to destroy a man on the basis of teenage drinking. 

SCHOEN: I'm not doing too well getting an word in edgewise. 

VARNEY: No, you're not.


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