Fox host says Fox will continue booking doctor making dubious claims “because people want to believe what you’re saying”

Dr. Scott Atlas claims children “have no risk for a serious illness, and they’re not significant spreaders” of COVID-19

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Citation From the August 3, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum:

SANDRA SMITH (GUEST HOST):  Dr. Atlas, it's great to have you here this morning because I recall a conversation that you and I had on the morning show America's Newsroom, and you said a quote to me and it made a lot of news and it grabbed a lot of headlines, there is no risk to children from COVID-19. You simply said children just don't get this. There was a hearing with Dr. Fauci last week, and he said children are not immune to the disease. So now go to the college conversation that we're having now, and how much are we seeing people of that age spread coronavirus?

SCOTT ATLAS: Hi, Sandra. I just want to correct a couple of things before we move on, and -- I didn't say there is no risk. I said that there is no significant risk. And I never said children don't get the infection. I said they're not sick -- they have no risk for a serious illness, and they're not significant spreaders.


SMITH: We'll have you back, and I'll have you back in the morning as well, because people want to believe what you're saying. Parents of college students want their kids to go back to campus, get back into the classroom. It's important, but of course, as you are pointing out, there's so much to consider.